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Published on August 13, 2017

Check out this Game of Thrones Season 7 Theory “Varys The Double Agent Theory”.

Where does Varys’ true intentions lie? With Daenerys? or with himself?

After Melisandre revealed that both her and Varys are going to die in Westeros, everyone has been asking How will Varys die? Is Varys an informer? Will Varys betray Daenerys, and will Daenerys kill Varys.

This video takes a look at all the evidence that hopefully answers the question, is Varys informing on Daenerys.

  1. why does varys dress like a geisha/kung fu master?

  2. i think varys heard in the flames that "the most power hungry king will kill ya", so that is why he backstabs kings that are not good for the realm, to prolong his own life and possibly avoid that fate.

  3. People dismissing the theory didn't account for how Cercei know they could sink the unsullied ships without much resistance forcing the unsullied to march across Westeros. What if Dany brought dragons, Euron and company would be a pile of ash and she would have no more fleet.

  4. The mole is misandea! It is obvious!!!!!

  5. It's all because Varys is a secret targaryen

  6. Good theory, I can definitely see this happening. The show is well overdue for a good old fashioned betrayal.

  7. Except who would varys be serving and honestly why would he then send tyrion to dany it just doesn't make sense.

  8. He could totally be and I think it would be sick if he was but I don't think so

  9. who says that the red lady will be right ?

  10. I have a theory that in the long run, Varys and Tyrion will eventually be sentenced to be burnt alive by Daenerys' dragons. She said she would do it to Varys if he ever betrays her and Melisandre saw him dying. I also think that if the executing dragons will be Viserion and Rhaegal, they will spare Tyrion's life because he released them from their shackles. Your thoughts?

  11. MEAT

    CAUTION, WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY CONTAINS SPOILERS OF EPISODE 4, DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN…. if you guys haven't seen the preview of season 7 ep5… watch it, at the beginning varys is talking to tyrion advising him to have her listen. but if you watched the pass few episodes daeny isn't satisfied. she says she was loosing and wants to fly out to kings landing with her dragons. tyrion STRONGLY disagrees, but from her experience taking advice from tyrion, she sees she's not making any progress.

    (im PRETTY sure, not 100% so don't hold this against me.. she said listeng to you has brought me failure)

    … so what does she do? well, it may not be kings landing, but like a true targeryan, she takes her army of dothrakis and a dragon, charges in at jamie and his army….. now watching tyrion witness his own brother attempting to attack daeny is VERY interesting… the pressure of this burden is on HIM. how will tyrion feel if daeny decides to kill the king slayer for not bending the knee? (also referring beginning of the ep.5 preview).. what if daeny IS really loosing her temper, patience, and slowly goes bat shit crazy? in the preview, what if varys gets caught questioning the queen behind her back?! WILL VARYS GET BURNED ALIVE BC HE'S SLOWLY SNEAKING BEHIND DAENY WHILE SHE SLOWLY LOOSES HER MIND?… what if Jorah came in on time to prove varys guilt? possibly involve tyrion?.. and what of braunn? what will happen to him? he IS in the middle of everything between his "friends" jamie and tyrion, each on opposing sides, will he side for gold or life?… find out next time, on GAME OF THRONESS. … Z.. lol jk

  12. It would have taken weeks for the Unsullied to sail to Casterly Rock, plenty of time for the Lannisters to work out where they were going. Cersei knew she'd have to get rid of Highgarden at some point, detouring the army there on its way to King's Landing would make sense. Even without knowing where the Unsullied were heading she likely decided it was more important to deal with a known enemy, especially once it was known that the Tarly's were on side and the Iron Bank was putting on pressure to pay.

    She would have relied on the Ironborn to take care of the Unsullied while she had the region around Casterly Rock stripped of food – probably sent to Lanisport to strengthen the city defences should the city get attacked.

    Varys in the books has consistently shown loyalty to the Targaryens. He supported Joffrey and then Cersei because he knew they were monsters and would weaken Westeros through internal discord and mismanagement thus making it easier for the Targaryens to take back the Iron Throne. That's why he has Kevin Lannister killed – because he's too competent.

    Looking at the vid with Arya in it I wonder if Varys is on her list, I don't remember the names that are.

  13. even Varys secrets have secrets, lol. he serves no master, nor he owes alliance to any one.

  14. Something about this guys accent seems fake.

  15. Good theory and there is actual evidence to support it, unlike a lot of other crazy theories. I think Varys is informing on Dany. His loyalty doesn't lie with her, it lies to whoever he deems worthy, "for the realm", whatever the hell that means. I don't trust him and I think Dany is very justified in questioning a man who sent assassins to kill her. She is being smart, not mad.

  16. Does anyone know the piano that is playing in the background?

  17. Have you thought of the possibility that this shift in Varys's character is just a failed attempt by D & D to write the story without the details from GRRM's book?

  18. Why is it weird that Varys would die in Westeros? Everyone dies eventually.

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