Vector Smartwatch and the Lumia 950

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Published on February 5, 2016

We got our hands on the new Vector Luna smartwatch. Not only is it (relatively) affordable, but it works with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile with an official app. Here is our quick hands-on and initial thoughts about this hidden gem. More info:

  1. you can make and receive calls with the watch ? thanks

  2. Hello, Sorry for the question, but i wonder if this smartwatch, has music control on windows phone. I am Braszilian, and i could not understand very well. Thanks

  3. I like the review, but I'm disappointed that at this price point some form of reply was not included. Voice, canned replies…something

  4. LA6507a

    Excellent review, Dan! It convinced me to pick up the black stainless Luna! I'm looking forward to this baby! My wife already bought me a MSFT Band for Christmas (well before I saw the article on this gem at Windows Central earlier this week) but this looks to be more my style. Tine will tell, I'm sure but an initial look at both tells me that the Vector Watch is really what I've been waiting for! It is WAY nicer than Pebble's offerings, plus has first party app support. I look forward to your follow-up. Thanks again for bringing this product to the attention of the community!

  5. This watch is designed 100% in Romania. Good stuff!

  6. bruvas

    Nice watch, but that amount of cash would get a much better looking standard watch.

  7. I'd love a follow up video. Especially to see how the battery is holding up over a week.

  8. Looks like a shittier Pebble.

  9. Check out the steel silver and black versions. Look at a lot more premium.

  10. I'm very interested in this. Hmmm.

  11. For the next video can you go through how the notifications work and look? ie: Have someone call and text you in realtime:)

  12. Like it, thanks for the review.. Looking forward to a more in depth as to what this can do…TTFN

  13. Really interested in this watch. The first third party smart watch that supports windows phone.

  14. Pretty cool… I'd definitely give it a go

  15. Way cool, but too expensive. I like the more traditional watch look as opposed to the band

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