Vector Smartwatch Unboxing and Impressions

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Published on January 23, 2016

Vector looks to get into the stylish smartwatch market with this Vector watch. See what’s in the box and my impressions!
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  1. es compatible com el xiaomi redmi note 3?

  2. another pebble watch lol

  3. spoke way too fast…have no clue what this review was about

  4. For people saying "Get an Android Wear watch!", you've got it all wrong. This watch is in it's own league. It actually had a battery life that isn't stupid short, and a display that's always on. It's a WATCH, not a WRIST PHONE.

  5. great job Tim but not impressed with the watch. Vector needs to step up their game if they are going to compete with Samsung and Apple

  6. ouch!! $350 with no touch screen thats a bit rough.

  7. Very nice looking watch. Way better looking than Moto 360

  8. Jittu s

    that bezel ! damn !!
    deal breaker .

  9. interesting gadget looks as if it needs some refinement in order to be a contender in the wearable market, great unboxing my man!

  10. what a waste….that is too much money for such a limited "smart" watch

  11. Looks like a horrible watch!

  12. Not digging the watch. At least not for that price.

  13. It's too bad that the design is spoiled by an HUGE bezel. Maybe the 2nd gen will be better.

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