Vizio SmartCast M-Series M50 Ultra HD 4K HDR Smart TV Review

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Home TVs Vizio SmartCast M-Series M50 Ultra HD 4K HDR Smart TV Review
Published on January 9, 2017

Thinking it’s time to jump into the 4K world with a new Ultra HD television? Then you definitely want to check out the new Vizio M-series HDR Smart TV. This review explains how it works, talks about the innovative Vizio design, explores 4K resolution and how much content is available (answer: not so much yet), and demonstrates the unique tablet-based smart controls and tightly integrated Google ChromeCast aka SmartCast.

Dave Taylor of invites you into his living room and shows off the 50-inch M-Series, with content from Netflix and Comcast Xfinity streaming live from the 6-inch Vizio Android control tablet. It’s pretty slick…

  1. Matt W

    What an excellent review, thank you!

  2. tyvm for the review, just subbed to your channel, I just purchased the 65" version and it's my 4th vizio

  3. Thanks for the review. Just as an aside, the refresh rate of the TV isn't in MHz, but just Hz.

  4. how can i get to my main tv menu do i use the tablet remote if so were do i start i want to shut off the tv speakers

  5. had this tv and the tablet connected to the tv about 50 percent of the time very aggravating always said connection timed out over and over

  6. Great review! Been looking at this exact tv! Very helpful

  7. I was wondering if the tablet charger stand use the standard wireless charging. I was hoping it can double as a charger for my Samsung Galaxy phones.

  8. Bought this TV and there is no menu to access media files thru either one of the USB ports….HELP All my other Vizio's had a menu system to access video, music and pictures….where did it go… is there some app??? Regards, Jeffrey

  9. Do you have any calibration settings for this TV or do you know where I could find them? Thanks

  10. called Vizio and they were absolutely useless. They did not know anything about it. you can hook a hard drive up to either one of the usb ports and it will play a movie but you cannot select which one or have any control over media content. Vizio does list 2 usb ports in the specifications but there is nothing listed in the user manual about them. TV is getting packed up to return and get the standard M series tv.

  11. you even mention 2 usb ports in your review??????

  12. what do you think about this tv for the PS4 Pro?

  13. How sturdy is the tablet. Having 3 teenage boys running around, things tend to get knocked over. Is this tablet strong enough to take a few drops from your lap while sitting on the couch or is it going to break the first time it lands on the screen??

  14. just picked up the 60 in version yesterday at Costco for 749 typing this comment on my remote now while casting your video on my tv. I love this lol . any chance we can add memory to the tablet? gonna try my Plex server next. thanks for the video.

  15. This guy looks like Dave Pensado lol

  16. Shipped the POS smartcast Vizio back and bought a 2015 P series for less money. I can cast to this tv, watch movies from a hard drive hooked up to the usb port, has a remote with a keypad. Vizio has lost their minds …the new smartcast tv is worthless the remote the comes with it is crap… the app was designed by a Moron. the app has limited tv controls…no keypad so you have to scroll thru all the channels. The usb ports are non fuctional…so no movies, pictures…ect. So this P series will be our last Vizio due to the stupid decisions to dumb down there tvs and home theater monitors. Also a word about the Vizio smartcast tablet…. keeps on loosing sync with the tv….frustrating as this was supposed to be easier to use. bottom line just hook up a hdmi to your cable box and use the Vizio smartcast as a dumbcast tv.

  17. I need a tuner to hook up my cable to the tv since I have a coaxial cable but no input on the TV can u recommend one

  18. I have a Verizon service for my tv. Is there anyway that I can select the channels I watch and not have to go through all the channels listed in the guide. Basically setting up a Favorites List either on verizon or the SmartCast Tablet ???

  19. Horrible review, it's Youtube and all I see on this review is your face, why not talk and show the TV's capabilities? Seriously way to much talk and not enough viewing of the TV, you know the Vizio……………..

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