What Is Arya Stark Up To? NEW Cast Photos (Game of Thrones)

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Published on November 24, 2016

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  1. I feel like Arya might kill Cersei with the face of Jaime. I think the popular theory of Jaime killing Cersei is a little bit too easy. Martin like to mix it up and keep it more unpredictable. And it will still in a way complete the valonqar theory. And from Arya's perspective it would make sense. She knows the queen loves Jaime, what better face to kill her with. So she kills jamie and uses his face.

  2. loving all of your videos keep it up bro !

  3. I don't really understand why Ser Illyn Payne is on her list. He was only following Joffrey's orders, and had no more control over that than Arya herself had. This is similar to the hound's situation, who was only following orders to kill Mycah, the butcher's boy. Can people really be blamed for what is not their own doing, but coercion from another character who is very dark? Joffrey must be the worst person ever to have appeared on GoT, and Tywin appears to have been the only person who challenged him in any way. Cersei certainly didn't make any effort to control him, except for trying to persuade him to send Ned to the wall instead of killing him – however, Joffrey had his own way in the end, and Ned was still executed. I think, when she does meet up with the BWB, and Gendry is there, she will also take Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion off her list, especially when she finds out what they are truly doing in protecting the small folk. Arya herself has been sympathetic to all the small folk she has met, and berated the hound when he stole money from the man who had given them shelter. She had counted Mycah among her friends, and showed this tendency throughout her PoV chapters, by befriending Lady Crane and others, including some of the prostitutes on Braavos.

  4. She's wearing winter clothes cause it's winter, duh…

  5. Jaqen was happy with Arya because she had actually finished her training as "No One", and had become a Faceless Man. IMO, he had no problem with Arya's reclamation of her identity, because he knows that as Arya, she can use her status as a lady of House Stark to get places where even a FM couldn't, and she's bringing the training and traditions of the House of Black and White to Westeros, maybe in a way that NO FM could.

  6. Thanks much for doing this! As usual another awesome video as I watch them all.

  7. i think that cerci will die soon because the actor is pregnant and probably will stop before she gives birth and a while after
    (at least someone told me that she is pregnant)

  8. maybe the many face man, jaqen or whatever his name is, thatt man is jon's father.. he has little white hair on his left side of head…. and maybe that's why he trained arya because she is his niece

  9. mucxlx

    I think she could be actually noone thinking shes arya, does that make sense?

  10. 1 FKT

    We NEED one more season, 8 in all, just to tie up all the ends.

  11. 1 FKT

    Lady Catelyn has sort of taken over Dondarien's gang.

  12. Love your channel Harpy!!!!!

  13. Jb A

    Arya is defiantly gonna turn up at the gates of winter fell wearing another face then once she knows the starks still run winter fell walks through the gates takes face off……mic drop

  14. Illen's actor has RECOVERED? I thought his cancer was terminal! That's amazing.

  15. Arrya paid the Faceless Men for the lives on her list with the iron coin she got from Jaqen and they trained her to carry out the assassinations herself.

  16. I think that the prophecy the red woman gave her about eyes shutting forever wasn't about Arya being blind for a little, I think she was talking about all the people she will kill, and among the color of eyes the red woman mentioned didn't she say something about green eyes? Don't the Lannisters have green eyes? She's definitely going to kill one of them. Hopefully it is cersei and not Jamie

  17. How dare you not refer to the legendary Wilko Johnson by name, Sir!

  18. She said she was going home. She's going home.

  19. My theory is that if Arya has the ability to wear faces, she can also take them: cut them off a dead person and use whatever magic that makes them wearable. Notice how cleanly she cut Walder Frey's throat? She had clearly been in the Twins for some time, serving at feasts, killing Frey's sons and baking them in a pie. So she would know enough to impersonate him, at least for a time. Perhaps long enough to kill the other participants in the Red Wedding and bring down house Frey for good. She might even be able to use his face to get into the Red Keep and take out Cersei. Of course, all that would mean that we would be seeing David Bradley again, and it doesn't seem likely that the showrunners would want to spend a lot of precious screentime in a location that has been satisfactorily resolved. But you never know, right?

    Another theory is that Arya is a personification of the Stranger, an extension of the theory that the Starks and perhaps other characters each represent one of the Seven, imbued with their core motivations to act in this time (the religions of the old and new gods may be incompatible, but who knows what the gods themselves are up to – if they exist?). Jaqen H'ghar's interest in Arya could mean that he recognizes this, and is training her to be a servant of the God of Death in a different way than the rest of the Faceless Men. Perhaps he simply believes that her own personal quest will serve Death better than for her to become No One.

  20. Oh if I was 30 years younger.
    I Think Aryas list will be completed but not necessarily by her..she can't kill the Mountain, he's already dead ish.

  21. If you cannot understand why Jaqen let Arya go, here's the hint – S02E10, before Jaqen gives Arya the iron coin:

    Jaqen: If you would learn, you must come with me…to Braavos. A girl has many names on her lips… Names to offer up to the Red God. She could offer them all one by one.

    So, he didn't "let her go" – he proudly unleashed her on a MFG-approved killing spree after completing her training, exactly as he outlined from the get-go.

    There's also a theory that truly becoming a faceless man means rejecting slavery and embracing freedom (like founders of Braavos did), not becoming a nameless abject slave; going postal on your oppressors especially pleases the MFG. Arya also did that, passing the test.

  22. Continent run by Lannister? Bah! Cersei barely wield any power outside King's Landing.

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