What Will Tyrion’s Role Be In Season 7? (Game of Thrones) SPOILERS

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Published on November 22, 2016

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  1. You missed mentioning one interesting thing that Tyrion, Dany, and Jon have in common. All three of their mothers died from complications of giving birth to them. Targaryen's were known for having difficult childbirth. It just so happens that our top candidates for the three heads of the dragon have this is common and as far as I know they are the only living characters in The World of Ice and Fire that we are told killed their mother's in childbirth. It just seems too obvious that it has to be the main fact /connection that makes them the three heads. In the show we've seen Lyana dying after Jon's birth and the Lannister characters told us over and over that Tyrion killed his mother in childbirth, it would be a great scene to see Dany's mother dying on Dragonstone and then in the next scene the three heads of the dragon coming together finally showing the connection with destiny that brings them together. As long as you don't believe the theories that Dany's mother secretly survived (and is quite possibly Quaithe) then this connection isn't really a theory but known fact.

  2. Plot twist Vladimir Putin and Nights King are Targaryens

  3. Wouldn't the Tyrion = Targaryen theory be moot since the king would of bed his mother prior to cerasei and Jamie being born as Tyrion is the youngest? So it's more likely Cersei and Jamie are targaryen rather than Tyrion. IMO.

  4. 1) There's no such thing as poetic justice in GoT
    2) "May have" an important role is not quite exact… he'll definitely have a major role. He's one of the main characters of the story.
    3) Cersei is quite sure that the Valonquar = Tyrion, which makes 100% sure that he won't be the one who kills her. Cersei is wrong about everything, FYI
    4) Tyrion being a dragon rider is quite possible. Tyrion being a Targaryen has very little proof in the books actually. I'm not saying it's impossible but quite unlikely. The fact that a man like Tywin didn't want (to believe) Tyrion was his son, doesn't mean that he was not truly his son. He suspected and wanted to believe this so much because the pain of the idea of Aerys fucking her wife was still lesser than the pain of the idea that the perfect Tywin had an offspring so imperfect, so disgraceful.

  5. Cersei getting strangled by the little brother: it doesn't have to be HER little brother. Euron could also do it, he wants that throne.
    Three heads of the dragon: I doubt its about 3 dragon riders.

  6. I think Tyrion will be king. There is that massive foreshadowing in the first book, at the feast in Winterfell, when John remarks that his shadow is that of a King.

  7. jowl500

    I like the new intro :)

  8. Daenerys gains nothing from marrying Tyrion, so why would she?

  9. dang what did i miss lol i dont remember finding out that the children of the forest or tht giant were targaryeons

  10. Even if Tyrion does have the blood it would be impossible to prove at this point. Even if Bran could see Arys take Joanna to bed during the right timeframe if Tywin did also… That being said I could foresee Dany marrying Tyrion for political reasons, if nothing else.

  11. Last Harpy is Rhaegar Targaryen…confirmed.

  12. I honestly cant believe that a single youtuber who has covered this topic, hasn't mentioned a single thing about Tyrion and Sansa. How can everyone have forgotten?!!?

  13. Tyrion is already married, right?

  14. Honestly
    Dude, one of your most amazing vids in a long time! Your personality really came thru!

  15. Tyrion is still technically married to Sansa, do you think that there's any chance that this becomes an issue on the show?

  16. Or maybe Tywin found out about Joanna and Aerys and tried to get rid of the baby, but failed, only ending up with a misshaped dwarf.

  17. Too many hints in the book that Tyrion has "dragon's blood". T+D should not happen. More likely Dany + John Snow, but she would be his aunt, not unprecedented for Targs. My guess is Dany puts a sword through John to create Lightbringer (gender reversal) and send the WW (and the childeren of the forest) packing. John uis already dead so he wont mind…hehe…

  18. tyrion and sansa will be the king and queen what the series is over.

  19. As long as his role is better than it was in Season 6. Because let's be honest, he went from THE main character in S4, to having a not quite as good but still good role in S5 (and just as good and important as any season prior), to essentially becoming a supporting character in S6. It was kinda embarrassing for him. It felt like half of his screentime was just trying to pass the time with Missandei and Grey Worm, and the other half pissing them off by completely and obviously underestimating the Masters.

  20. Was surprised just now to receive a Google opinion survey regarding this video. Wanted to know if I had viewed it and thought it worthwhile. Of COURSE I did and I'm back for more every day! Told them that I enjoy ALL of your thoughtful postings.

  21. K Gib

    hey you missed out Varys the Targaryen. Haha . well it keeps us all guessing.

  22. The Tyrion = Targaryen theory was a thing long before the Jon thing so people who say "oh EMM JEE another Targaryen? We already have so much!!1!1!" Stop. Now.

  23. There was a tree that was kinda a targaryen… kinda

  24. Tyrion will go back to Sansa Stark and Jon will marry Danny it think.

  25. I think there will be a scene were Jaime is about to kill Tyrion, but doubts his decisions because he still loves him. When Jaime dosen't kill Tyrion, someone kills Jaime.

  26. Has anyone considered that "Strangled by the Valonqar" may be referring to Tyrion but figuratively. Like their armies will surround her and trap her, strangled in that sense. Just curious what you think on that.

  27. Theory of the "hand" that will kill Cersei is the necklace of hands used by Tyrion to choke Shae. I foresee Jamie using this necklace to kill Cersei. In book, (foreshadow) either Jamie or Cersei say to effect, we were brought into world together, we will die together

  28. Every man that meets Dany falls in love with her, but she would totally friend zone him like she did Jorah. She's even said she will never marry again after Drogo died. I think ultimately he will reunite with his (still?) wife Sansa, but this time she will choose to be with him as opposed to being forced like the first time.

  29. Tyrion dies actually. Cercei kills him in season 7

  30. I thought Tyrion was the son of the mad king, why his half sister hate him.

  31. ive been riding on this theory that arya will mask herself as jaime and kill cersei. i never really considered the "hands" part of the valanquar prophecy but arya doesnt exactly know that jaime only has one hand. it could still fit.

  32. I honestly don't understand what's so upsetting about the theory that Tyrion is half Targaryen…imo many of the GoT theories out there make HELLA less sense than ths one. The blond-white hair and the eyes he has in the books, the dragon dreams, the whole Aerys-Joanna thing, his appearance right after he was born, the fact that he "killed" his mother when she gave birth to him just like Daenerys and Jon did…ya, maybe they're all just coincidences, but personally I'll be disappointed if they turn out to be xD

    Also, I love that you mentioned the dialogue between Tyrion and Daenerys before she pins him Hand of the Queen, cause yeah, in that scene I kinda got the feeling that Tyrion may be falling in love with Dany..
    I know there is little to no possibility for it, and even if it happens bet that it's going to be unrequited love again, but sincerely, I'd see no problem with these situations…there's so little space in GoT for real, genuine love, and Tyrion and Dany respect each other so much…idk, both ways it would be sweet (or bittersweet).

  33. Pat D

    Why would Maggie the Frog say that entire prophecy in English, save one word: Valonquar? Could this mean that the person she is referring to has something to do with Valyria or more specifically, has the blood of Old Valyria?

  34. John is not  a targerian, he is a Baratheon!

  35. Cersei and Jaime are more likely to be Targaryens than Tyrion. Tywin's own sister Genna said herself, Tyrion is the child that most resembles him, which then led to Tywin not speaking to her for half a year.
    But she is right, Tywin and Tyrion both are highly intelligent and though they are not the greatest warriors (or not at all a warrior) they are hard pressed to beat in a battle thanks to their great strategic minds.
    Jaime is impulsive, act first think later. Well, Cersei… she cray cray. Then there's the matter of their incestuous relationship…

  36. This reminds me of the Martell Prince who fought the mountain in the show. He told Tyrion that he saw him as a baby wanting to confirm the description of Cersei in how he was grotesque and had a tail… Maybe my memory is off… Need to see that episode again

  37. Dana

    Way to piss off Jorah (Mr. Friend Zone) when he comes back! "Hey – I know you are desperately in love with me, but while you were gone, I married Tyrion".

  38. But everyone in the west hates him after being blamed from killing the king and his father. It would be a political disaster.

  39. the dragons also accepted him when he unchained them

  40. It sort of makes sense the dragons understood him they knew he was a friend and to be trusted and they had never seen him before I believe there are big things lined up for tyrion too

  41. Als Tyrion seinen Vater getötet hat sagte sein Vater als letzte Worte
    "Du bist nicht mein Sohn". Das war ein letztes Geständnis das Tyrion ein
    Bastard ist und zwar von Aery II und seiner Mutter. Er ist also ein
    "Water" da er in den Königslanden geboren wurde. In der Serie ist es
    leider nicht zusehen aber Tyrion soll zwei unterschiedliche Augenfarben
    haben und Haar heller als das der Lannisters. Das er noch eine tragende
    Rolle spielen wird steht außer Zweifel. 3 Drachen….3 Geburten bei dem
    die Mutter stirbt. 3 Targaryen. Der Drache hat drei Köpfe. Daenerys, Jon
    und Tyrion. Aber ich denke einmal er wird es auch nicht überleben.
    Meine Vermutung ist das Azor Ahai ihn töten wird. Azor Ahai fertigt 3
    Schwerter an. Das erste zerbrach' in Wasser (Water). Das zweite zerbach
    als er es in das Herz eines Löwens gestossen hat. Nun welches Schwert
    zerbricht wenn man es in Wasser taucht und wo gibt es Löwen in Game of
    Thrones ich habe noch keine gesehen. Äh doch die Lannisters werden doch
    Löwen genannt oder? Also kann das ein Hinweis darauf sein das ein
    Lannister getötet wird. (Entweder Cersei oder Jaime da Tyrion ja kein
    richtiger Lannister ist). Also wenn man annimmt das Wasser und Löwen
    sinnbildlich gemeint sind könnte man folgern das Azor Ahai es in Water
    gestossen hat. Also einen Barstard aus dem Königslande sprich Tyrion.
    Gendry ist Schmied und er könnte die Schwerter herstellen. Das würde
    auch erklären warum ihn die rote Frau prophezeit hat das er Könige
    austeigen und stürzen lassen wird. Doch welchen geliebten Menschen tötet
    er mit dem dritten Schwert.

  42. The title should be called "Little man's big plot"

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