Which Smartwatch Should You Buy? (JULY 2015)

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Home Watches Which Smartwatch Should You Buy? (JULY 2015)
Published on January 20, 2016

Here’s a really helpful guide for which smartwatches are the best on the market right now!

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  1. my gear s kills all these but that LG is sick

  2. Nobody needs this, this is just for tech enthusiasts, this hype surrounding smart watches is created by the mobile industry to take more of your money

  3. which smartwatch let's you upload pictures on it from Pc?
    or which watch let's you access phone's photo gallery through bluetooth?

  4. Max T.

    Dude pebble was first not Sony

  5. apple watch is shit it only cost the $82 to make

  6. I want my smart watch to be squarish/rectangular so's everybody will know I'm wearing a smart watch.

  7. Those last watches suck the apple watch sport is waterpr

  8. Can you make one for the 'cheap smartwatches' ?

  9. Interesting review. I am thinking about having a smart watch. But I can't decide between these two Moto 360 and Modular smart watch. I like the style of Moto 360 but Modular smart watch is much more innovative. So what should you suggest? Why?

  10. Justin, please tell me, which android smart whatches should I buy, if I want a good heart rate monitor? Chinese watches included.

  11. What about the Sony Smartwatch 3?

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