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Published on March 5, 2017

Your wishes for the ideal smartphone will come to life. Stay tuned for its arrival in February 2017.

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  1. After a Samsung Note 2 and a Note Neo 3, I bought the LG G2 (which I currently use). I love it and for me LG became number 1. Last year I bought the G4 for my wife, and she loves it! Now I cannot understand why you have removed the volume buttons from the back of the phone, which was one of my favorite feature which made LG a totally different smartphone 🙁 Another thing… please, sell the V20 in Italy ! 🙂

  2. The video should have been at an 18:9 aspect ratio, or else how would it fit onto my next smartphone perfectly? 😉

  3. Hahahaha and no one say better BATERRY ? hahaha

  4. My personal wish: You just updated the K10, it seems to be great, with an changeable battery. O wish an update for the G4 as well, it's the best phone i ever had! The LG G4 2017 with an octa-core processor, 4 GB ram, 64GB internal storage and digital terrestrial radio support for the european market, like the stylus 2 had. It would be perfect

  5. LG, I liked my G4 so much, but the battery wasnt able to get me through the day – mostly. Please put a big battery inside your new G6 and Im going to buy it 😉

  6. i want comeback of g flex, curved screen is amazing

  7. Snapdragon 835, if you want to keep up with other brands.. because all of them will be with snapdragon 835 i mean its the newest chipset and G6 will be the newest LG phone so i dont see why G6 is going with 821, its better to release the phone later than to go with 821.. since S8 will have 835.. LG will loose a lot with that.. i have the G5 so i hope that G6 will surprise me!!

  8. Wishlist : Put the quad DAC from LG v20 with a removable battery of atleast 4000 mAh (Even cheap Chinese phones have reliable batteries with bigger capacity ). Also support external UFS memory cards with atleast 256 GB storage .

  9. the perfect phone is the one that has long lasting battery like the old Nokia phone that can knock out chuck Norris also I want it that I can be able to use with my mind in other words hands free lol I want it to be water proof, fall proof, lava proof, fire proof and nuclear proof lol also I want the phone to talk back to me like Iron man's suit that shit sick as fuck lol I want it to be smarter then a smart phone lol I don't ask for much so hope it's possible lmao

  10. porque no siguieron el stilo del lg g4? Era original, bonito, solo era hacerlo mas premiun.

  11. Get with the times and start using OLED screens on your phones.

  12. Great song for advertising the LG G6.
    Far East Movement Like a G6.
    What everyone else think?

  13. LOVE this video, LOVE LG and gonna LOVE G6!

  14. others say that g6 will be equipped with sd821 not 835 i hope it sd835 will be the processor…..and samsung has its own exynos 8895

  15. 69 Solo

    I am waiting for a mind blowing phone since G2! Please don't get rid of headphone jack. Please install less bloat on the phone. Infact let the phone come with minimum apps and the let people download the apps that they want. Even LG apps or Camera modes/plugins, etc. Let people build their own rom as per their needs! Waterproof and best audio speakers. The audio speaker should sound like def leppard events. It should make my neighbors mad, it should be that loud and clear. Please keep the double tap to wake up the phone. Super fast charging, dual sim card & expandable storage. The camera is the best part of LG phone. Please add bigger lens higher MP camera. Make 1 perfect camera, rather adding more camera's at the back. Alot of apps should also work offline, like maps, etc. The phone should connect to my LG fridge, LG AC, LG TV & even my LG washing machine. 😀

    Also 0:18 gay spotted… XD

  16. I'm sorry to say this but LG sucks. I have a G4, and couple a months ago I couldn't able to open the play store so I couldn't able to install any apps but I found a way so there aren't any problems with that but, just an hour ago, I had a problem called "bootloop" or something and I can't able to open my phone! It stuck in the screen: LG Life's Good and I can't find a way out of this! I tried to reset my phone with factory data reset but it didn't work either. When it asked me: reset all data? I said yes then it asked me again. When I answered yes nothing happened. It just stuck in that screen I was searching a way out of it but found nothing. So I had to release the battery. When I tried to open the phone the bootloop thing showed up again. I don't know how to recover please help and for one last thing, buying this phone was the worse decision in my life.

  17. What do you make just make sure to include a radio. LG doesnt have one . all samsung phones have. And just make a mini version too

  18. What do you make just make sure to include a radio. LG doesnt have one . all samsung phones have. And just make a mini version too

  19. We dont want a superphone or flagship killer. Just a better phone which covers all the basics. typing from G2

  20. Please LG. Make a durable smartphone. I love your devices but they have too many problems. I've been scared to buy lately.

  21. interview people who used lg phones!

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