World’s First ‘Smart-Tattoo’ Lets You Wear Your Smartphone

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Published on October 15, 2016

The world’s most prestigious technology institution, MIT, and Microsoft have offered us another reason why we are truly living in The Matrix, whether we care to admit it or not. Also, this could pass for another reason to be as imaginably lazy as possible.

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  1. Zeaza

    I thought the mark of the beast will be permanent…

  2. in the 1990s they would talk about this "Mark of beast" old show called "sightings" sayn every1 wud be inslaved by technology (cell phones) children of the future being addicted to heroine (lean,pills opitis) being watched by our government (NSA)…what a time to be alive ☺

  3. So many people in the comment section exclaiming Mark of the beast and I am glad that we are so woke. Continue to study scripture. It is God's saving grace for us all and especially for the true hebrew Israelites descendents of Jacob

  4. Mark of beast tech that's wat I see

  5. Andre

    Spy Kids 2

  6. lets all get ready for the mark of the beast you stupid dumb hateful bastards, you are the real enemy, not Hillary or obama even though they stink.

  7. BSP

    isnt there something about this in the bible?

  8. Gets a tattoo for the worst Iron Man movie ever

  9. thinking of creating a graphic tablet out of it,

  10. Seems the Mark Of The Beast getting closer than we think. Jesus is looking for you.

  11. tbh Natasha always has the same voice, even for sad shit, she just seems dumb.

  12. soooooo NO. not gonna have this shit

  13. everybody gona be walkin around lookin like old egyptians and shit

  14. oolong2

    It doesn't "let you wear your smartphone", it lets you control small functions on your smartphone. It's not really that impressive.

  15. but they can't release the cure to cancer?

  16. The pope is ready to take position as the anti Christ beware we in the last days

  17. Government is totally gonna be controlling folks by 20/20. People are so naive.

  18. It's really useless.. Way use so much money on that. Obviously for a bigger purpose and control you.

  19. Mark of the beast . Like in the bible . You're fucked

  20. ppl this is a occult move to keep track of yall

  21. they can have fun with that shit, Ima just slide right of the US off somewhere and chill

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