Xiaomi Redmi Pro Review: The Best $250 Smartphone?

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Published on December 30, 2016

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Review: The Best $250 Smartphone?
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Download camera samples: https://flic.kr/s/aHskHhBCiN

Xiaomi Redmi Pro: CONCLUSIONS

So, there you have it, another Xiaomi smartphone – the Redmi Pro. After using it for quite some time and testing all the features out, I can tell you that is a very solid phone for the price.

In fact, it looks and feels much more premium than it costs. Also, it has a brilliant Amoled display, great specs, good overall performance, user interface that has tons of features and fantastic battery life.

Oh, and the dual camera setup is actually pretty fun to play with. Not only you can get some great images with a shallow depth of field effect but the phone’s camera will not disappoint you if you take photos using the auto-mode.

Speaking of that camera, it is not always that good. It stuggles in video recording, the low-light performance could be better and the front-firing shooter does not always impress.

It’s great to have a fast and accurate fingerprint scanner but I don’t like the fact that it does not work straight from the standby mode.

At the end of the day, Xiaomi Redmi Pro is still a very good phone for the price. It has a few shortcomings like all smartphones but a lot of issues can be improved with the future software updates. Still, even with the current shortcomings, the Xiaomi Redmi Pro is a solid offering in a sub-$250 category.


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  1. Derek H

    OK I'm having a problem should I get this or the Le max 2 or the Zuk z2 having a hard time deciding on what is the better choice overall

  2. What U.S. phone services support this phone?

  3. great vid mate keep it up

  4. Gizmochina and Techline are same?

  5. Redmi pro has single or dual speaker?

  6. You should do a comparison review with RN4

  7. awesome product and awesome review!!!

  8. awesome review ! wish it was easy to procure this phone :(

  9. Linus,Do an unboxing & in-depth review of Le Eco Cool1 Dual,plz :)

  10. Paul Hsu

    Xiaomi mi5 or Xiaomi Redmi Pro?

  11. Redmi Pro expected launch in India???

  12. Could u please tell me switch is the better cpu the snapdragon 650 or the MT6797 Helios x20 thx

  13. REDME NOTE 4 or Redme pro 32gb which one is better choice

  14. How did you get rid of the chinese bloatwares?

  15. has the software updates fixed the problems or not do reply and can we install android N in it.

  16. 7ivoivo

    The xiaomi site says that the redmi pro wont get miui 8, but I do see it everywhere on reviews. The one I want to buy has miui 7.0. Will I be able to update it to miui 8?

  17. Hinn

    nice review man, cant believe you only have 12000 subs, keep it up, i wish they added black color haha

  18. I just bought this for my bf for an early Christmas gift :)

  19. Hi (:
    Great review!!!
    where did you order this smartphone from?
    what rom does it have?
    does it support OTA?

    thank you.

  20. You know why that thing is there? The thing on the screen? Well, this is how it happened. The old iphones had this huge issue with the home button not working. So, being a common issue, especially in Asia with a lot of refurbished phones, and you get this trend within society to use that on screen home button instead. I never understood it, you see Chinese people doing this a lot, it's so ingrained, they never use the home button, because they have this perception that eventually the home button will stop working. This is so true. This feature has grown out of necessity.

  21. does it have NFC? some sources say yes….others no….. what's the truth?

  22. Richard

    Hi Bro. for a user like me (no gaming, use productivity apps, wants good screen, good camera and good video), which do you receommend? Redmi Pro or Redmi 4? thanks1

  23. You name is not Linus – And this isn't Linus Tech Tips … Stop copying talented peoples concepts! LOL

  24. Great review as always. I'm starting to get confused about the number of Xiaomi smartphones under 300eur and their names – Redmi note 3 Pro, Redmi 3 Pro, Redmi Pro, all different phones :/

  25. Saju RS

    tell about gaming experience? does it heats up ? what is the maximum temperature recorded

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