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Published on March 2, 2016

Sub for more: | When choosing a smart television, buyers are often presented with a variety of features. One they may not be aware of: that TV could be watching you. Vizio Smart TVs, one of the most popular manufacturers, can track your viewing tendencies and report them to advertisers, as reported by ProPublica.

  1. Goddamn it I think it knows I watched this cuz I can't go to the menu and it freezes

  2. And here we are getting our American troops killed in some other counties because they have a government that wants to control them even at home. And we're doing the same shit there're doing. I wish a nuclear warhead just went off and started a nuclear war that would eliminate every single thing in this world and leave only animals . Because they're more intelligent than us obliasly. We're to damn ingnoraunt to admit it. Damn technology.

  3. I have a vizio TV but it doesn't have a camera

  4. ok, but I wanna know where the camera is in the tv, I can't even find one Freaken video of someone literally dissecting a smart tv and finding the camera and mic. dammit!!!!

  5. where do I find this feature in my settings to turn it off? I cant seem to locate it

  6. BOYCOTT ………………………………….. ……….

  7. Big Deal, all you have to do is go into the setting nd diable that feature. No different than a PC or Mac.

  8. This is why I will never buy these so-called "Smart TVs". I rather head over to an electronic recycling centre for my next TV. Worse case, disassemble it and remove the necessary components.

  9. My big, goofy dogs busted our flat screen while playing & we've been using an "ancient" tv- with a converter box, rabbit ears and all. Well, my son noticed VOICES coming through the speakers while the Xbox is paused. Seriously, we can hear what appears to be one side of a conversation! Does anyone know what the cause of this could be? It's definitely weird and I can't help but wonder whether someone else can hear us too!
    *FTR, I'm honestly in no hurry to replace the tv and really don't miss the DirectTV and all the programming bombarding my family on a daily basis!

  10. Oh wow. This is terrible, I mean Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook would never do this? Oh wait…………..

  11. Artificial intelligence is the new world order they will make you beg for a chip in your body after a few more terrorist attacks ,they'll say it's the only way to keep you safe

  12. So while you are sitting there in your home in your underwear people are looking at you. That's great- just great!

  13. damn it !! way too many people beat me to the jerking off joke.

    hey Gary this one is for you….
    remember that scumbag that said we should all allow total surveillance because if we're were not UP to no good we'd have nothing to hide???
    that's a two way street look how much the government censors and classifies… on that premise alone we should be able to prosecute every single one of the bastards.

  14. look am a TV repair man ok sorry but stick to reporting what if a TV turn off when your kids did not do there home work old person did not take her pill, make noise you left your pot cooking or remember to brush or you rather a dumb cave man tube back

  15. Briefly scanning the comments here really disappoints me. This has nothing to do with a camera.

    On another note: my parents have a Vizio and the smart interactivity was off, thankfully, when I checked. Thanks for the heads up!

  16. smash your TV and never buy another.

  17. You people going to actually think you can disable the spyware? Yagh , Sure !! Choosing to limit or disable stuff like that just makes it more stealthy. Why would anybody even want any kind of a tv though in the first place?

  18. I have one stored on the porch in case my kids or grands come for the weekend and want to watch it… (have a house intenna– hhahha)… but the next time that thing gets plugged it that will be the first thing I do. Thanks!

  19. 1. Press the MENU button on your TV's remote or open     HDTV Settings app.
    2. Select System.
    3. Select Reset & Admin.
    4. Highlight Smart Interactivity.
    5. Press RIGHT arrow to change setting to Off.

  20. WTF, this is absolute trash. I have a REASONABLE expectation of privacy when I buy a fucking TV of all things. electronics these days are nothing but TROJAN HORSES to get into your home, and fucking spy on you and whatever it is you think you are doing in private. absolutely atrocious.

  21. I know. That's why I do strip tease dance in front of it every night.

  22. your webcam is spying on you while you're jerking off

  23. Ali G

    You tellin me dat me telly been watching me bone me Julie on me sofa?

  24. Lower Budget.TV's will be more popular!!
    But yeah, Samsung put a warning out a few years back to "Cover the Cam on certain Models with black tape or something, if you do not know how to shut it off",
    Some models you couldn't shut it off..
    Thanks Gary!!

  25. I have one and I am going to try and figure out how to turn that off now! Thanks for the info.

  26. anything connected to the internet is spying on you. The current trend is to make all home devices connect to the internet, it is sold to us as "The Internet of Things".

    I would be more concerned about youtube spying on us(collecting and sharing our private meta data) just for watching your chanel, spying on your tv views is nothing compared to breaking down and analasing peoples internet browsing trends

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