ZTE ZMAX Pro Review – is a $100 smartphone worth buying?

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Home Mobile Phones ZTE ZMAX Pro Review – is a $100 smartphone worth buying?
Published on October 18, 2016

Full review & ratings: http://goo.gl/4Oucoc | Buy the ZTE Z Max Pro: http://fave.co/2b8NxWH

There’s a stigma that the more you pay, the better something is but the ZTE Z Max Pro aims to prove a low price doesn’t mean low quality. Does it deliver?

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  1. Bflo23

    Complaining at 2:45 about the dot buttons that could only act as a back and recent app functions?! Really? For $100, ZTE is gonna have to cut some corners so they can make some type of profit. You won't find any phone with these specs in this price range. You can't judge this phone on the same criteria as you would judge an iphone 7 or samsung s7.

  2. I have this phone , I wish dbrand had a skin for it but they dont

  3. donde puedo conseguir el telefono?
    porfa responde

  4. What are you complaint about? It's a $100! Paying $850 for Samsung and iPhones… I'm done paying that price when every phone does what I need it to do. The world is so caught up in phones… so dumb! I think it's a great phone… John V you act like the phone is a negative. I hope the cheap phones over take the expensive phones by storm. People should learn to be more obedient and appreciate what they have. If it works great, why upgrade! Unless your just rich! I rather save my money and take vacations & buy useful things. Phones, computers, & tvs are overrated…

  5. i think they should sack him

  6. Axl Xar

    Any body here can help me? I want to buy this phone but my country or location, of the outside area. I am in Indonesian. Android Authority please..

  7. 100 bucks out the door tho… Holy shit, what a bargain. Full 1080p, expandable memory, snap dragon 6 cpu, 2GB Ram. Damn man. That's pretty good.

  8. I wanted to be sure I signed in just to vote your video DOWN… I am sick how you put down anything but an iphone or Note 7/S6… you need to check yourself.. this is a FINE phone for the price.. stop trying to make anything less than a $700.00 device sound like it's junk.. your tone is getting old..

  9. ZTE was the first brand which i had a budget phone that didnt feel like a budget or get by phone, it felt like my phone and i loved it, sadly broke it and got an upgrade but i will always remember how good they are and id totally buy another phone from them

  10. hey …should i buy J3 pro or Zte z maxpro for small brother…..Tell me fast

  11. this guy is a homosex

  12. I purchased this phone for my wife and we love it, owned one month with no problems.

  13. Where can u get it for 99$ without having to get a metro plan?

  14. This phone is amazing especially at this price point. ive had every major phone except the iPhone 7 and note 7. But for 39$ you can beat it. Screen is nice audio is great also. I like it better that my OnePlus 2. I wished that they made a cdma/gsm unlocked one.

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